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The GeoDiscover Alberta Program, a provincial partnership led by the ministry of Environment and Parks, is an initiative designed to provide quality, authoritative mapping data to citizens.  Alberta's geospatial data is brought together in one searchable catalog and can be viewed with an easy to use online mapping tool. Accessibility of this data to citizens makes it easier to make important decisions and better understand the province of Alberta.

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Mobile Phone options Update: A Mobile Map Viewer is available for iPad, Chrome, and other devices. 

New: Forestry has recently published Derived Ecosite Phase Data that identifies the type, extent and conditions of vegetation.

Feature: The Alberta Air Photo Library has photos dating back to the 1920's!

Did You Know?: You can rent Tents at Alberta Parks! Look on this map to find a site close to you.

News: Castle Parks, just south of the Crowsnest Pass, has recently opened with new campsites and trails for you to explore. Find maps and information here.

Feature: Flood hazard mapping delineates flood hazard areas along streams and lakes using design flood levels established as part of flood hazard studies. Find maps of flood regions near you.

Feature: The Groundwater Observation Well Network (GOWN) is an Alberta network of groundwater monitoring wells located in various aquifers throughout the province. Current and historical groundwater level information for the active and inactive wells can be accessed from this map.

Information: Environmental Assessments back to 1973 are posted on Environment and Parks site. Environmental Assessment process allows companies and government decision makers to examine the effects that a proposed project may have on the environment.

Did You Know?:You can find all the Dams in Alberta on this easy to use Dam Safety Map Viewer.

Did You Know? The Bow Valley Provincial Park has multiple trails and geocaching to add to the fun. Download the map for your summer hike.

New: Client Survey: Tell us what you think of our site. We'll be upgrading it this year.

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GeoDiscover Alberta works to streamline access to geospatial data, support a holistic geospatial environment, enable innovative solutions and industry best practices by strengthening geospatial networks and communities of practice.

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