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Organization: Alberta Geological Survey
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Title: Quaternary geology and bedrock subcrop of the Cold Lake to Ft. McMurray area, Alberta - Surface structure, McMurray Fm. - (1:250,000 scale gridded data)
Dataset Publication Date: 2006-04-01
Dataset Language: eng; CAN
Abstract: A digital grid of the top of the McMurray Formation, originally modeled from borehole data and adjusted to present-day and paleo river erosion. The grid is generated at a 250 m cell-size resolution, based on information as recent as 2003.
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Other Constraints Access Constraints: Public Use Constraints: Acknowledgement of the Alberta Energy Regulator/Alberta Geological Survey as the originator/source of this information is required as described in the Open Government License - Alberta. Distribution Liability: The Alberta Energy Regulator/Alberta Geological Survey (AER/AGS) licenses this information under the Open Government License - Alberta. Any references to proprietary software in our documentation, and/or any use of proprietary data formats in our releases, do not constitute endorsement by the AER/AGS of any manufacturer's product.
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Theme Topics: geoscientificInformation
Spatial Domain
West Bounding Longitude: -112
South Bounding Latitude: 54
East Bounding Longitude: -110
North Bounding Latitude: 56
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Scope (quality information applies to): Dataset
Data History: All available data were used, and data were ranked in terms of quality of source. All areas within the geographic boundaries were modeled, but data density was not uniform throughout. Data were incomplete or absent for the upper half of the geological strata the lie between the bedrock surface and the present-day land surface because petrophysical logs were not recorded for the units behind the cased interval in oil and gas wells, and other well data were too sparse.
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Organization: Alberta Geological Survey
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