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Metadata Date Stamp: 2017-09-06
Organization: Alberta Environment and Parks, Government of Alberta
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Title: Castle Region Linear Footprint
Dataset Publication Date: 2017-05-01
Abstract: This is a linear footprint dataset for the Castle region of Alberta. This dataset was created to support spatial analyses of linear footprints in the Castle region for the Alberta Environment and Parks report entitled "Ecological Response to Human Activities in Southwestern Alberta: Scientific Assessment and Synthesis" which can be found at . The dataset compiles information from four of the most current Government of Alberta and public linear footprint data sources. All linear footprints are grouped into five categories using attribution from input data sources. These include: paved roads; gravel roads; unimproved roads, unclassified roads, and truck trails; pipelines and powerlines; and cutlines and trails.
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Theme Topics: transportation
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Reference System URN: 3400
Reference System Organization ID: EPSG
Spatial Domain
West Bounding Longitude: -114.698179
South Bounding Latitude: 49.154946
East Bounding Longitude: -113.962547
North Bounding Latitude: 49.625362
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Scope (quality information applies to): Dataset
Data History: This dataset was created using a compilation of four linear footprint datasets. These included: the linear footprint dataset created for the Oldman Watershed Headwaters Indicator Project (2014); Global Forest Watch Canada's linear footprint dataset for the proposed Castle Parks (2016); the designated trail network dataset for the South Saskatchewan Region (2017); and Alberta Environment and Parks' trail inventory for the Castle Parks (2016).
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Organization: Alberta Environment and Parks, Government of Alberta
Contact Position: Science Branch, Environmental Monitoring and Science Division
Address: 10th Floor, 9888 Jasper Avenue NW
City: Edmonton
State: Alberta
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Telephone: 1(780)2297288
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