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File Identifier: Agriculture.GDB.AgricultualLandResourceAtlas2005_AirQualityRisk
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Organization: Alberta Agriculture and Foresty, Government of Alberta
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Title: Air Quality Risk
Dataset Publication Date: 2005-09-01
Abstract: The data, created in ArcGIS, represents an assessment of air quality risk for the agricultural area of Alberta in 2005. Agricultural activities that may have some influence on air quality manure production (odour) and cultivation intensity (particulate matter). The airsheds of the agricultural region of Alberta are considered to be uniform in their physical susceptibility to risk from agricultural activities. Air quality risk is a useful measure for those concerned about health, safety and nuisance issues related the quality of air in agricultural areas. Awareness of where agricultural activities related to livestock production and intensive cultivation are located, may be useful for people with health or nuisance related concerns. Blowing soil can cause respiratory problems and can reduce visibility on roads and highways. Dust from farm traffic can be a concern during peak agricultural activity, such as harvesting or manure hauling. Frequent strong odours can be unpleasant nuisance for neighbours. In areas of greater air quality risk, environmental farm planning can help to address the issues and provide solutions. Practices including pen/barn maintenance, method of manure application, manure storage, composting, adjusting, feed rations and reducing or eliminating tillage can be looked at in an environmental farm plan.
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Theme Topics: environment, farming
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Scope (quality information applies to): Dataset
Data History: The air quality risk assessment procedure utilized 2001 Census of Agriculture data related to livestock numbers and tillage practices.
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Organization: Alberta Agriculture and Foresty, Government of Alberta
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