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Metadata Date Stamp: 2019-08-28
Organization: Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Government of Alberta
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Title: Agricultural Regions of Alberta Soil Information Database Version 4.1
Dataset Publication Date: 2015-08-05
Abstract: AGRASID 4.1 is the latest release of digital soil landscape and land system data for the agricultural region of Alberta. AGRASID is a product of the Canada – Alberta Environmental Sustainable Agriculture (CAESA) soil inventory project (SIP), was initially released on CD ROM in 1998. The project involved the recompilation of lines and information contained within existing hard copy soil survey reports dating back to 1925 supplemented by additional field sampling to improve polygon resolution in areas where existing soil survey information was produced at a smaller scale than that of the CAESA-SIP project.
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Reference System URN: 3400
Reference System Organization ID: EPSG
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West Bounding Longitude: -120.0
South Bounding Latitude: 49.0
East Bounding Longitude: -110.0
North Bounding Latitude: 60.0
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Scope (quality information applies to): Dataset
Data History: The process standardized scale, mapping concepts and a variety of classification systems to generate soil landscape polygons with a view to creating a seamless layer of spatial information that describes soil types and physical landscape characteristics in a consistent format. Soil landscapes sharing common characteristics at a more regional scale were further classified and then dissolved into land system polygons. For a detailed description of the methodology, please refer to the CAESA-SIP procedures available through the Alberta soil information page or at the Agricultural Regions of Alberta Soil Inventory Database page
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Organization: Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Government of Alberta
Contact Position: Environmental Strategy and Research Section, Land Use Unit
Address: 302, 7000 - 113 Street
City: Edmonton
State: Alberta
Postal Code: T6H 5T6
Telephone: 780-427-3739
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